Gulab Jamun Recipe


Uncle Narsingh was a professional Indian chef in Canberra in the 1980s. He was a very good cook and his cooking was popular among the customers who frequented the restaurants where he used to work. Uncle Narsingh was a very kind hearted and a generous person. Together with his wife, Aunty Shail (who was equally lovely) he used to host Sunday lunches at his place. Aunty Shail and Uncle Narsingh used to love cooking and entertaining family and friends. Sundays at their place used to be packed with lots of people, food, fun and laughter. He was always happy to share his recipes and have even trained lots of people in Canberra to cook Indian style of cuisine. This recipe was given to me by Uncle Narsingh. This recipe makes lots of yummy gulab jamun.

Gulab Jamun (Uncle Narsingh’s recipe)


½ teaspoon baking powder or ¼ pinch of baking powder
2 cups plain flour or self-raising flour
2 cups powdered milk
2 tablespoon ghee (clarified butter)
50 grams cream
1 ½ cup warm milk
Oil or ghee for deep frying


Make dough by adding milk gradually. Make a small walnut size balls. Heat oil and deep fry these balls until golden in colour. Keep aside for 5 mins then add to prepared sugar syrup.

To make sugar syrup

Need 3 cups sugar and 1 ½ cup water. Mix sugar and water in a pot. Add elaichi (cardamoms), kewra (rosewater (optional). Bring to boil and keep it warm or let it simmer on low heat. The syrup is done.

(This recipe is for making Indian round gulab Jamun not the Fiji Indian Gulab Jamun. I will post the Fiji Indian Gulab Jamun recipe soon.)

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