Bora Curry


Today I am going to share Bora Tarkari (Bora Curry) recipe. The cowpea, this humble pea is so treasured in Fiji for its’ taste. It is such a versatile vegetable that can be cooked by itself or with eggplant and potatoes. I grew up in Fiji eating and enjoying this simple bean. My mother (like many mothers in Fiji) could prepare this dish for our school lunch, all rolled up in rotis and ready to be devoured at school lunch break. This dish used to be cooked on weekly basis at home or anytime it was bought freshly from the vegetable markets. A bundle of this bean could be bought home and the ladies will sit on the porch or verandah and peel the beans from the bean pods while gossiping the hours away…….

1- 3 cups of freshly peeled bora bean/frozen bora bean (cowpea)
3-4 Japanese or Lebanese eggplants, (quartered and cut in cubes)
1 sliced onion
2-3 crushed garlic
2-3 chopped chillies
A pinch of mustard seeds
A pinch of cumin seeds
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon turmeric powder
1 teaspoon of masala (brown curry powder)
1 tomato


Heat some oil in a pot. When the oil start to heat up, add mustard and cumin seeds to the pot. Lower the heat a bit. When mustard and cumin starts to sizzle a bit, add the sliced onion to the pot. Fry these for a min or two and then add crushed garlic, chopped chillies and fry this until the onion turns slightly golden in colour. Now add turmeric and masala, fry this for a min or two. If you like you can also add a pinch of hing (asafoetida). Now add the bora bean and eggplant to the pot, mix well and add salt. Cook covered on low heat. From time to time stir the vegetable mixture so it cooks properly. When the eggplant is half cooked, add chopped tomato to the curry and cook until the tomato is fully cooked. Your dish is ready when the tomato has cooked and mixed well with the bean and the eggplant. Serve this curry with roti, chapati or rice and dhal. 

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  1. mmm all yummy recipes memories of good tasty cooking in our family house keeps coming back , nice work anu I have used couple of your recipes at my work and it went really well with the crews ,,,thank you Rodney bro yummy again!!!

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